A partnership between Arcube and Etihad Airways has been extended to create a new NFT collection and pilot a "Staking-for-miles" program for NFT holders. The collection will feature a livery themed after the partnership between Etihad Airways and Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One. NFT holders will receive exclusive benefits such as Etihad Silver Tier status, access to events, and participation in online community forums. Additionally, holders will have the opportunity to earn Etihad Guest miles through the "Staking-for-miles" program. The new Etihad NFT collection will be available for sale on August 1st. Stay updated on the latest information through Arcube and Etihad's dedicated NFT Twitter accounts.

Etihad Airways and Arcube Unveil Groundbreaking NFT Collection: Earn Etihad Guest Miles with Mission: Impossible Livery NFT

On the heels of a successful collaboration last year, Arcube and Etihad Airways continue to innovate in the digital space. This time, they’re adding another layer of exclusivity to their partnership with a new NFT (Non-fungible token) collection and an industry-first “Staking-for-miles” platform.

The Mission: Impossible Livery NFT

Last year’s EY-ZERO1 NFT collection was a hit, featuring exclusive benefits like 12-month Etihad Silver Tier status, access to an exclusive event at the Formula 1 Yas Marina Circuit, and participation in Etihad’s online community discussion forums. This time around, the stakes are even higher.

The new livery is themed after the partnership between Etihad Airways and Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One. With only 300 pieces available, this limited edition collection offers holders even more perks than before.

Introducing the Etihad “Horizon Club”

Beyond owning a unique digital asset, holders of the new Mission: Impossible livery NFT will be introduced to an innovative concept – The Etihad “Horizon Club”. This pioneering initiative allows NFT owners to stake their tokens and earn Etihad Guest miles in return.

Arcube has been instrumental in developing this groundbreaking platform that is set for launch in September 2023. It represents a world-first use of NFTs to personalise traveller’s digital experience with Etihad. Holders can explore their 3D NFTs, benefits and stay updated on all things web3 through this platform.

Sale Details

The excitement begins from 1st August at 3:00 pm UTC when the new 300-piece Etihad NFT collection goes public for sale on etihad.arcube.io. Interested buyers should stay connected with Arcube’s and Etihad’s dedicated NFT Twitter accounts (@arcubeNFT) (@etihadNFT), for all the latest updates.

Arcube continues its mission of helping brands transition into web3 space by overseeing all aspects ranging from concept development to marketing. This partnership with Etihad is just another testament to its expertise as it continues to reshape how we perceive value in the digital world.

As we look towards a future where physical assets are increasingly being digitised, it’s partnerships like these that are setting new standards for what’s possible within blockchain technology. As always, only time will tell what exciting opportunities lie just beyond our horizon.

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