A press release announces the release of an AI search engine optimization tool by Pulsr Foundation, a distributed NFT discovery ecosystem. The tool aims to improve discoverability for over 5 million NFTs across Ethereum, Polygon, and Tezos. Pulsr uses AI to automate the identification and distribution of NFT searchability, alleviating pain points for on-chain collectors and NFT marketplaces. By analyzing NFTs using computer vision AI, Pulsr enhances organic search by enriching metadata for image and video NFTs. The tool also serves as an NFT marketplace aggregator, connecting collectors to a wider purchasing ecosystem. Leading Web3 investors have joined Pulsr Foundation's round, and a Twitter Space event is scheduled to discuss the launch. Pulsr Foundation aims to be the largest NFT distributed discovery ecosystem in Web3, connecting creators and collectors to the next evolution of the internet.

Pulsr Foundation Unveils Groundbreaking AI-Powered NFT Search Engine Optimization, Revolutionizing Web3 Discovery

WEST BAY, Cayman Islands, July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Pulsr Foundation, one of Web3’s most expansive NFT discovery ecosystems, has launched an AI-powered search engine optimization for over five million NFTs across Ethereum, Polygon, and Tezos.

Bridging the Discoverability Gap

The Pulsr Foundation’s innovative approach alleviates the pain points of discoverability for onchain collectors and NFT marketplaces. It does so by utilizing AI to automate the identification and distribution of NFT searchability across Web3. “Onchain collectors can now uncover emerging artists buried under mass minting volumes,” says Maxine Ryan, Founder of Pulsr Foundation.

A Glimpse into the Process

Pulsr employs a unique methodology that leverages computer vision AI to analyze NFTs. This process enhances metadata for image and video NFTs, improving organic search results. Over 40.5 million SEO labels have been auto-generated for thousands of artist’s NFTs through this process.

Revolutionizing Web3 Discovery

A prominent figure in the onchain art world @UnknownCo123, an esteemed NFT collector with over 60.1k followers on Twitter commends Pulsr’s efforts in innovating AI-powered search engine optimization.

“Being able to use AI effectively to search through millions of onchain artworks is a major breakthrough in the history of NFTs,” they say.

Pulsr utilizes AI to offer a multichain personalized search experience while generating permissionless NFT search engine optimization—essentially acting as an aggregator for various NFT marketplaces.

A Noteworthy Investment Round

The pre-seed funding round saw participation from leading Web3 investors like Spartan Capital, Sequoia, Future Fund, DIGITAL along with numerous prominent angel investors from the realm of NFTs. The funds will be used to further develop and validate an AI-powered discovery network that addresses the core problem of cross-chain and cross-communities visibility in the world of NFTs.

Joining Forces with Onchain Collectors and Artists

“Myself, along with the team at Pulsr Foundation and 14,000 private access onchain collectors and artists have been working tirelessly to fix the core problem of visibility in the world of cross-chain and cross-communities,” says Ryan.

In light of its launch today at 1pm EST, Pulsr Foundation hosts an open invite Twitter Space discussion where it will share details about its latest innovation.

As we step closer toward Web3 integration into our everyday lives—Pulsr Foundation stands at the forefront as a beacon guiding next-gen creators and collectors toward this internet evolution.