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Binance Partners with New Taipei Prosecutors to Revolutionize Global Fight Against Virtual Asset Crimes

The world of cryptocurrencies is becoming more secure as major centralized cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, and the New Taipei District Prosecutors Office in Taiwan join forces. This collaboration aims to offer innovative training to curtail virtual asset offences and enhance the global fight against financial crimes.

On August 24, 2023, a significant step was made towards creating a safer space for virtual asset traders worldwide. Binance’s partnership with Taiwanese law enforcement is an impactful stride in this direction.

New Taipei Event Showcases Binance’s Global Best Practices in Investigations

The collaboration between Binance and Taiwanese law enforcement was marked by an event that had over 70 attendees, both physically present and virtually. The session included notable figures such as the New Taipei District Prosecutor, Yu Li-Chen.

During the meeting, attendees reviewed Binance’s successful case studies on global law enforcement and financial intelligence collaborations. These cases are testament to their robust strategies in combating financial crime on a global scale.

This collaboration will enable prosecutors to access blockchain and virtual asset data necessary for protecting people’s assets. It is part of a broader plan to equip Taiwanese law enforcement with the knowledge required to understand digital assets and counter virtual asset crimes effectively.

Another summer event is being organized by Binance and Taiwanese law enforcement later this month. These programs aim to bolster Taiwanese law enforcement’s understanding of digital assets and provide them with the tools needed to combat virtual asset crimes efficiently.

Binance Commends Taiwanese Law Enforcement for Virtual Asset Expertise

Binance has commended the technical skills and steadfastness of Taiwanese police officers and prosecutors. The organization has conducted quick training sessions with two Taiwanese law enforcement agencies, demonstrating its commitment to ensuring safety in the virtual asset industry.

Jarek Jakubcek, Binance’s Law Enforcement Training Manager confirmed this commitment during one of their sessions stating: “Binance remains dedicated to collaborating with law enforcement organizations globally”.

Binance’s 2022 Global Law Enforcement Training Program (GLETP) represents a pioneering initiative aimed at supporting law enforcement organizations globally in fighting finance-related cybercrimes involving virtual assets.

In conclusion, this partnership marks an essential step toward establishing safer practices in the world of cryptocurrencies. By combining resources from a leading cryptocurrency exchange like Binance with Taiwanese expertise in law enforcement, we can look forward to significant advancements in curbing virtual asset crimes.

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