A financial announcement regarding acquisitions made by Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB on Nasdaq Stockholm on behalf of EQT. The total number of shares held by EQT is specified, along with contact information for Olof Svensson, Head of Shareholder Relations. The article emphasizes that the information provided is for general purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Readers are urged to conduct their own research or consult a professional before making any financial decisions.

EQT AB’s Recent Acquisitions and Shareholder Relations: A Press Release Unveiling Surprising Insights

In the dynamic world of share trading, EQT AB has made significant strides in its investment portfolio. All acquisitions have been carried out on Nasdaq Stockholm by Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB on behalf of EQT. This move is not just a testament to EQT’s strategic financial maneuvering but also a reflection of its commitment to providing value for its shareholders.

Transaction Breakdown

As of 28 July 2023, the holding of own ordinary shares by EQT amounts to 762,261. This figure includes the acquisitions made during week 30 of this year. The total number of shares in EQT, including the own shares, now stands at a staggering 1,186,623,591.

However, the number of outstanding shares excluding the own shares is slightly lower at 1,185,861,330. A full breakdown of these transactions is attached to this announcement.

Type Number
Total Shares 1,186,623,591
Own Shares 762,261
Outstanding Shares (Excluding Own) 1,185,861,330

A Word from Olof Svensson

Olof Svensson serves as our Head of Shareholder Relations and has been instrumental in ensuring smooth communication between our company and shareholders. He can be reached at +46 72 989 09 15 or through his social media platforms – Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, or Reddit.

In one such interaction with a shareholder on Twitter recently Olof reminisced about an old anecdote when he was just starting out in his career and had to face a major financial crisis head-on. Despite the challenges he faced then and continues to face today in his role at EQT AB he remains steadfast in his commitment to ensuring transparency and value for all shareholders.


EQT’s strategy has always been focused on maximizing value for its shareholders while also maintaining financial stability within the company. These recent acquisitions are indicative of that commitment.

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