A new partnership between Optty and Triple-A has been announced, adding cryptocurrency as a payment option on Optty's universal payment platform. Optty, the world's first universal payments platform, aims to provide more choice and convenience for merchants and their customers by expanding viable payment options. Triple-A, the first licensed crypto payment gateway in Singapore, offers compatibility with all crypto wallets and allows hassle-free payments using preferred wallets. This collaboration will help merchants take advantage of the growing demand for cryptocurrency payments without the hassle of managing crypto assets on their balance sheets. Optty plans to expand its payment architectures to a total of nine by the end of 2023.

Optty Partners with Triple-A to Revolutionize Payment Methods with Cryptocurrency Integration

As we venture deeper into the digital age, the need for diverse payment options has become more apparent than ever. Today, Optty, the world’s first universal payments platform, takes a significant stride forward in its mission to create a truly inclusive payment landscape by partnering with Triple-A. Together, they aim to bring cryptocurrency payments into the mainstream.

Partnership Details

Optty’s new partnership with Triple-A, a licensed cryptocurrency payment gateway, brings an additional layer of convenience and inclusivity to its universal payments platform. This collaboration is set to add cryptocurrency as a viable payment option for merchants using Optty’s platform.

As Natasha Zurnamer, CEO and founder of Optty puts it,

“As the world’s first true universal payments platform, Optty is agnostic and supportive of payments inclusion. This unique position is designed to help retailers offer more choice than ever at checkout.”

Triple-A is not just any crypto payment gateway; it holds the distinction of being the first one licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). It also enjoys licensing in Europe through Banque de France’s ACPR and is registered with the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

Expanding Payment Options

Through this partnership, Optty enables retailers and merchants to offer a wide range of payment methods. They can now test and learn which types best resonate with their customers while leveraging Triple-A’s gateway to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and USD Coin (USDC).

Triple-A‘s crypto payment gateway compatibility extends across all crypto wallets. This compatibility allows customers to make hassle-free payments using their preferred wallet. Retailers also enjoy next-day local currency bank settlements in more than 50 currencies.

The following table illustrates several key benefits offered through this partnership:

Benefits Description
Wide Range of Payment Methods Acceptance of various cryptocurrencies along with traditional methods
Compatibility Compatible with all crypto wallets for seamless transactions
Quick Settlements Next-day local currency bank settlements in 50+ currencies

Future Plans

As part of its ongoing commitment towards offering diverse payment options for global businesses, Optty plans to further expand its payment architectures from six currently up to nine by year-end 2023.

Eric Barbier, CEO of Triple-A shares his enthusiasm about this collaboration,

“We are excited to partner with Optty and bring crypto payments to their merchants. This collaboration will help merchants take advantage of the growing demand for cryptocurrency payments without managing crypto assets on their balance sheets.”


In conclusion, this partnership between Optty and Triple-A marks an important milestone in revolutionizing how businesses access diverse global payment methods. By eliminating complex individual integration processes previously required by retailers and merchants, this collaboration simplifies acceptance of crypto payments across businesses worldwide.

To be part of this revolutionary journey towards creating an inclusive global financial ecosystem visit Optty or Triple-A.