Yodaplus, a Mumbai-based IT services firm, is leveraging artificial intelligence to catalyze industry transformations and streamline business operations. With its wide range of services and deep industry knowledge, Yodaplus helps organizations achieve sustainable growth and navigate the complex digital transformation landscape. The company has developed an AI engine, NutrifyGenie, which facilitates simplified decision-making and regulatory compliance in the nutraceutical industry. Yodaplus also uses AI tools to assist clients in financial analysis and decision-making. With its commitment to providing top-tier IT services, Yodaplus aims to propel businesses toward unprecedented growth and success.

Yodaplus Unveils AI Integration for Business Operations, Revolutionizing Nutraceutical Label Claims and Financial Records Analysis

Yodaplus, a Mumbai-based IT services firm, is revolutionizing the global industry landscape by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company is harnessing AI’s potential to streamline business operations and enhance decision-making capabilities across multiple sectors, from nutraceuticals to retail.

Yodaplus’s Journey in the Digital Age

In an increasingly digital world, Yodaplus has recognized the need for AI integration in business operations. Vishrut Srivastava, MD of Yodaplus, emphasized this necessity, stating, “As we navigate the digital age, the integration of AI into our service offerings has become an undeniable necessity.”

With a diverse clientele that ranges from development banks and blockchain companies to EdTech startups and HRMS providers, Yodaplus has been quick to address this need. Their dedication to providing top-tier IT services aims not only to meet their clients’ specific needs but also to propel businesses towards unprecedented growth and success.

AI-Driven Smart Labels: A Game Changer in Nutraceuticals

One of Yodaplus’s most innovative applications of AI is seen in its transformative effect on the global nutraceutical supply chain. The complexities involved in generating differentiated nutraceutical label claims necessitate a well-mapped global database and the application of AI.

To address this challenge, Yodaplus developed NutrifyGenie – an AI engine equipped with smart labels functionality. This feature provides users with pre-made labels including correct dosage values for nutraceutical products. It significantly expedites product development by authenticating label claim validation and enabling real-time regulatory compliance.

The NutrifyGenie uses sophisticated algorithms that simplify decision-making processes while ensuring precision. This innovation enables companies to commercialize their products effortlessly in essential markets, thereby meeting the continuously increasing demand for nutraceutical products.

Financial Records Analysis: Streamlining Operations with AI

In addition to transforming supply chains and product labeling processes, Yodaplus also employs advanced AI tools for financial record analysis. By accurately extracting and collating relevant information from invoices using these tools, they automate what was once a laborious task.

This automation does not just save time but also enhances financial decision-making capabilities for clients. For instance, one asset management client experienced significant improvements in their financial decision-making process thanks to these sophisticated tools provided by Yodaplus.


Yodaplus is proving that integrating advanced technologies like AI can create a competitive edge for businesses worldwide. With its wide range of IT services and deep industry knowledge combined with innovative solutions like NutrifyGenie and advanced financial analysis tools – they are leading organizations toward efficient operations and sustainable growth.

There’s no doubt that as we progress further into this digital age – companies like Yodaplus will continue shaping industries globally while setting new standards for business operations.