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IDnow Secures PVID Certification, Revolutionizing Digital Identity Proofing and Redefining Trust

MUNICH, Aug. 1, 2023 – IDnow, a renowned identity proofing platform provider in Europe, has proudly announced that it has secured the prestigious PVID certification for two of its flagship services: IDCheck.io and VideoIdent. This milestone marks a significant achievement in the company’s journey to lead the European digital identity market.

PVID Certification: A Beacon of Trust and Security

Issued by ANSSI (Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information), the PVID certification is a testament to an organization’s ability to provide robust remote identity verification services. The certification is valid for two years and is recognized under Europe’s Regulation on Electronic Identification and Trust Services, eIDAS Regulation.

The PVID certification holds immense value in the realm of cybersecurity. It raises the standard for traditional finance, digital finance, trust services, and beyond. It enables highly regulated banking or FinServ players to access secure services that effectively reduce the risk of identity fraud.

IDnow: Setting New Standards in Identity Proofing

As only the second private player to receive this coveted certification, IDnow stands tall with a significant competitive advantage in the digital identity proofing market. The company’s solutions have revolutionized how banks conduct their operations. With flexible, simple and fast digital paths enabled by 100% remote identification equivalent to face-to-face processes, banks can now improve their conversion rates significantly.

In response to this milestone achievement Rayissa Armata, Senior Head of Regulatory Affairs at IDnow said:

“Obtaining PVID certification is a source of great pride and validation for IDnow and a real recognition of our expertise in the digital identity market in France.”

IDnow has consistently demonstrated its commitment towards making the connected world safer with its broad portfolio of identity verification solutions. These range from automated to human-assisted processes from purely online to point-of-sale interactions; each optimized for high user conversion rates and security.

With offices located across Germany, United Kingdom and France; IDnow has garnered trust not just from its vast consumer base but also from renowned institutional investors like Corsair Capital and Seventure Partners.

Final Thoughts

This significant achievement by IDnow further strengthens their position as leaders in providing secure identification solutions that not only meet regulatory standards but also drive customer satisfaction through streamlined processes.

IDnow’s success story serves as an inspiration for other players in the industry striving towards achieving excellence while safeguarding customer interests. The company’s path-breaking innovations are helping shape a safer future where technology meets trust.

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