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IDnow Achieves PVID Certification, Paving the Way for European Digital Security Leadership

MUNICH, Aug. 1, 2023 — IDnow, a leading identity proofing platform provider in Europe, has achieved a significant milestone in its mission to become the top European player in the digital identity market. The company has received the remote identity verification certification known as PVID (prestataire de verification d’identité à distance) for its IDCheck.io Identity Proofing Service and VideoIdent Qualified Electronic Signature.

This certification is a testament to months of collaborative efforts by all teams at IDnow and embodies their commitment to provide customers with safe, compliant solutions that align with French regulations.

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PVID – A Stepping Stone to European Leadership in Digital Security

PVID is a robust cybersecurity standard that bolsters traditional finance, digital finance, trust services, and more. It was introduced in March 2021 under Europe’s Regulation on Electronic Identification and Trust Services or eIDAS Regulation.

The PVID certification:

  • Is valid for two years
  • Enables regulated banking or FinServ players to use secure service offerings
  • Facilitates remote identification while mitigating the risk of identity fraud

This certification propels IDnow into a position of undeniable competitive advantage in the digital identity proofing market.

Transforming Remote Identity Verification

Being only the second private entity to receive this prestigious certification, IDnow is now poised to revolutionize the digital identity proofing market. The certified solutions empower banks with flexible, efficient and swift digital routes that enhance conversion rates via 100% remote identification – an experience akin to face-to-face processes.

“Securing the PVID certification is a momentous achievement for IDnow. It validates our expertise in France’s digital identity market,” says Rayissa Armata, Senior Head of Regulatory Affairs at IDnow.

At The Vanguard Of Digital Identity Proofing

IDnow aspires to make the connected world safer through its comprehensive portfolio of identity verification solutions. These range from automated to human-assisted and from purely online to point-of-sale – each optimized for user conversion rates and security.

The company has presence across Germany, United Kingdom, and France. It enjoys backing from esteemed institutional investors like Corsair Capital and Seventure Partners.

Note: The information provided here is intended solely for general informational purposes. We recommend conducting your own research or consulting with a professional before making any financial decisions.

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