Flutterwave, Africa's leading payments technology company, has announced the relaunch of its Send App, now called Send App by Flutterwave. The app allows users in the US and Canada to send money to countries such as Egypt and Sénégal, in addition to the UK, EU, Nigeria, and other African countries. Flutterwave aims to facilitate faster, easier, and more affordable money transfers for diaspora communities, connecting them with their families and loved ones in Africa. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices and emphasizes transparency, security, and customer experience. Flutterwave's mission is to simplify payments and enable businesses to expand globally by connecting them to various local and international payment types.

Flutterwave Revolutionizes Money Transfers for the African Diaspora with Send App

Flutterwave, Africa’s leading payments technology company, has announced the enhancement and rebranding of its $end Mobile product to Send App by Flutterwave. This move facilitates faster, easier, and more affordable money transfers from individuals in the diaspora to their families and friends in Africa. The Send App now supports transfers from the US and Canada and has broadened its network to include Egypt and Sénégal.

Flutterwave Expands Remittance Capabilities in the US, Canada, Egypt and Rebrands $end to Send App by Flutterwave

A New Look for a Solidified Mission

The Send App comes with a new name, a fresh look, and a solidified mission – to send love in a heartbeat. The app is now available for download on Android and iOS. It aims to enhance customer experience while ensuring transparency in fees, security of transactions, and swift delivery time.

Temioluwa Adesina, Lead Product Manager of Send comments on this relaunch:

“We’ve been iterating and working hard to make Send App the ultimate money transfer solution for Africans in the diaspora. I am happy we are deploying it at this time.”

Connecting Africans Home And Abroad

The relaunch of Send App is set to empower millions of Africans home and abroad with an easy, safe, quick platform for money transfer.

“We are excited to be joining over 160 million African diasporans on their journey to easily connect with home through quick and safe money transfer via Send App,” says Adesina.

Getting Started With the New Send App

To start using this new platform:

  1. Sign up on Send App (Android or iOS) (Add email address/ phone number and create a password).
  2. Click the ‘Send Now’ button.
  3. Enter your money transfer details i.e., amount you’re sending, sending currency/country, receiving currency/country.

New users can get it on iOS or Android by clicking on these links:

Flutterwave’s Unique Advantage

Flutterwave stands out by connecting businesses with various local and international payment types allowing them global expansion opportunities. It also enables cross-border transactions from the diaspora to African countries using its newly rebranded product – The Send App.

Flutterwave processes payments through multiple modes including local & international cards, mobile wallets as well as via bank transfers & Google Pay.

In conclusion:

“We are on a mission to simplify payments for endless possibilities,” says Adesina. “Send App is indeed a critical step towards that direction.”