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DPAT’s Private Funding Boosts Web3 Investment Platform for African Real Estate and Infrastructure Opportunities, Including NFT Crowdsourcing Marketplace.

A New Dawn for African Real Estate and Infrastructure

As a proud member of the Direct Property Africa Token (DPAT) team, I am excited to share our vision of transforming the real estate and infrastructure landscape in Africa. We have always believed that Africa’s potential is only waiting to be unlocked with the right type of funding and support. That’s why we set out to create DPAT, the first Web3 investment platform designed to connect investors with real estate and infrastructure opportunities in major African cities.

With our recent private funding round, we are now one step closer to realizing this vision. As someone who has personally witnessed the challenges faced by local developers in raising funds for their projects, I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment as we move forward in our journey.

Building Bridges to Emerging Economies

Our revamped website and updated roadmap showcase our commitment to bridging emerging economies with global investors, crypto advocates, and entrepreneurs alike. By leveraging Ethereum’s powerful blockchain technology, we aim to give everyone a say in what gets built, by whom, and for who.

Initially focusing on 15 cities across 12 countries, our road map highlights the scope and endurance of DPAT’s reach. As Project Lead Mustafa A puts it:

“The feedback from our community matters to us, and we have taken that into account.”

Our project is currently in its presale phase. Following its completion in August this year, we will roll out the NFT crowdsourcing marketplace and expand our core team.

Disrupting Traditional Finance Models

With an ambitious roadmap ahead of us, DPAT is well on its way to disrupt how developers finance projects while enabling communities to access African assets. Our platform will provide local developers with a unique opportunity to raise funds through fractional ownership using asset-backed equity NFTs.

By doing so, not only will we empower local developers, but we will also provide investors with an attractive and secure way to invest in high-potential markets.

The Future of DPAT

The future holds immense promise for DPAT as we strive to create a Web3 real estate and infrastructure ecosystem that connects investors with lucrative opportunities in major African cities such as Cape Town, Lagos, and Accra.

Our utility token, DPAT, offers rewards and privileges to its holders while simultaneously fueling the growth of our ecosystem. As a team member, I am thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking project that has the potential to reshape Africa’s real estate landscape.

Together, let’s build a brighter future for African real estate and infrastructure—one investment at a time.

For inquiries or more information about Direct Property Africa Token (DPAT), please contact:

Mr Dan Costea
Direct Property Africa Token (DPAT)
[email protected]

We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions.

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