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OKX Introduces Industry-First BRC-30 Token Standard for Staking Bitcoin and BRC-20 Tokens on Web3 Earn

As a long-time supporter of the Bitcoin ecosystem, OKX Wallet has recently announced its proposal for the industry-first BRC-30 token standard. This innovative standard aims to enable users to stake their BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin on Web3 Earn, allowing them to earn passive income without actively trading. This development is in line with OKX’s mission to provide its users with additional opportunities to participate in the Bitcoin ecosystem and generate passive income.

The Introduction of BRC-30 Token Standard

The BRC-30 token standard is a pioneering solution designed by OKX to facilitate staking for both BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin. With the integration of this standard, users will soon be able to stake their digital assets on Web3 Earn through OKX Wallet. This complements the existing range of curated DeFi earning products already available on the platform.

“We’re thrilled to have proposed and pioneered the BRC-30 standard to enable Bitcoin and BRC-20 token staking. With the OKX Wallet soon to incorporate BRC-30 support, users will be able to access Bitcoin staking and earn opportunities across multiple-chains,” said Jason Lau, Chief Innovation Officer at OKX.

Expanding Opportunities for Passive Income

OKX Wallet’s adoption of the BRC-30 standard is set to provide its users with an enhanced experience in generating passive income through staking. The platform is dedicated to offering various earning products tailored for different user preferences and risk appetites.

In addition, this development also highlights OKX’s commitment towards promoting innovation within the cryptocurrency space by introducing new solutions that cater specifically to users’ needs.

Integration with Other OKX Products

OKX has always been at the forefront of technological advancements in the cryptocurrency industry. The company has previously integrated the Lightning Network into its centralized exchange over two years ago, showcasing its dedication to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Moreover, OKX Wallet was the first multi-chain wallet to support BRC-20 trading with the launch of its Ordinals Marketplace. It also allows users to view and transfer Bitcoin Ordinals.

As a leading global technology company driving the future of Web3, OKX offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to cater to both beginners and experts. These include the OKX Wallet, NFT Marketplace, DEX, and Web3 Earn.


The proposed BRC-30 token standard by OKX is a testament to the company’s dedication towards innovation and providing users with more opportunities to participate in the Bitcoin ecosystem. With staking functionalities for both Bitcoin and BRC-20 tokens soon available through OKX Wallet and Web3 Earn, users can look forward to new ways of generating passive income on their digital assets.