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Crypto Market Plunges After SpaceX’s $373M BTC Sale, but SEC’s Ether ETF News Offers Hope

In the past 24 hours, we’ve seen a roller coaster ride in the crypto market, marked by heavy volatility, sudden price drops, and unexpected stability. This article takes a deep dive into the cataclysmic events that shook up the market and examines their implications for traders and investors.

SpaceX’s $373 Million Bitcoin Sale

Eleven hours ago, a Wall Street Journal report sent shockwaves through the market when it revealed that aerospace tech giant SpaceX had sold $373 million worth of Bitcoin[^1^]. The company’s decision to reduce its Bitcoin assets has been significant enough to affect its recorded value over the past two years. While it remains unclear if SpaceX sold all of its $373 million worth of Bitcoin, what we do know is that this sale had immediate ramifications on the market.

Within 12 hours of this news breaking out, Bitcoin plummeted from $28K to $25K[^2^]. Ethereum wasn’t spared either, with its value dropping from $1,800 to $1,500[^3^]. As I watched these figures unravel live on my screen, I couldn’t help but recall similar instances of sudden crypto market volatility over my trading career.

The Domino Effect: Liquidations Galore

The ripples created by SpaceX’s decision didn’t stop at just price drops. Data sourced from Coinglass shows that long positions on Bitcoin worth over $6.74 million were wiped out in merely four hours[^4^]. For those unfamiliar with trading lingo, holding an open long position essentially means betting on a rise in crypto asset prices.

In total, liquidations for traders holding such positions surpassed a staggering figure of $836 million within 24 hours[^5^]. This domino effect reminded me of when I first entered the crypto market years ago and saw my portfolio take a hit due to unexpected news.

A Silver Lining: SEC’s Ether Futures ETF Approval

But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining – and for Ethereum holders and investors eyeing Ether futures ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds), it came in the form of an announcement by SEC (Securities Exchange Commission). Nine hours after SpaceX’s sale news broke out; Bloomberg reported that SEC was set to approve Ether futures ETFs[^6^].

This announcement proved to be a much-needed catalyst for halting Ethereum’s decline and stabilizing the crypto market at large. It also suggested that significant funds might have shifted their Bitcoin holdings favoring ETH purchases. On this day of extreme volatility, Bitcoin experienced its most significant one-day surge in implied volatility for this year[^7^].

In conclusion, while today was undoubtedly a whirlwind day for those involved in cryptocurrency trading or investment – myself included – it also served as an important reminder about just how quickly things can change in this landscape.

As always though, let us remember that with every drop there are new opportunities waiting around the corner – something which I’ve learned during my own journey in cryptocurrency trading.

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