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Coinbase Breaks Ground with Crypto Futures Approval, Igniting Altcoin Buzz

It is with great excitement that we announce a monumental stride in the journey of Coinbase Global Inc., a key player in the cryptocurrency market. We have received regulatory approval to offer cryptocurrency derivatives to our American retail consumers, marking a significant step forward in our mission to increase accessibility and transparency in the crypto landscape.

A Long-Awaited Approval

Coinbase Financial Markets Inc., a subsidiary of Coinbase Global, has successfully secured approval from the National Futures Association (NFA) to operate as a Futures Commission Merchant. This development will facilitate our plans to introduce crypto futures to the public, expanding our product offering and meeting our customers’ evolving needs.

Our journey towards this milestone has been filled with anticipation and hard work. As a member of the Coinbase family, I can recall countless meetings discussing how we could break into this new frontier. It’s been an exciting journey, and I’m thrilled that we can now share this progress with you.

Journey to Derivatives

Our pursuit of offering derivatives isn’t an impromptu decision; it’s part of our broader vision for Coinbase. To bolster this vision, we acquired futures exchange FairX in 2022—a platform registered with American regulatory authorities. The platform has since been rebranded as Coinbase Derivatives Exchange and was previously directing traders towards third-party vendors for futures acquisition.

As someone closely involved in this acquisition process, I can attest to the strategic thought behind it. We saw FairX as an opportunity to expand our horizons while maintaining strict regulatory compliance. Now, as we prepare for launch, it’s exciting to see those plans come into fruition.

Expanding Horizons

Cryptocurrency derivatives have made a significant impact on centralized exchanges—contributing 78.2% of their total crypto trading volume last month alone according to CCData.

However, it’s important to note that other US-based exchanges like CME and LedgerX are not strangers to offering crypto derivatives. This platform allows institutional entities from select international jurisdictions to venture into perpetual futures trading – highlighting an increasingly competitive landscape that we’re excited about diving into headfirst.

Exchange Trading Volume (Last Month)
International Exchange $2.52 billion

Market Response

In response to this development, Coinbase’s shares witnessed a 3% surge during initial trading sessions—an indication of market confidence in our ability to deliver on this new venture. It’s always rewarding when your hard work gets recognized by the market – there’s nothing quite like seeing those green arrows pointing upwards!

As we move forward with our plans for introducing cryptocurrency derivatives trading on Coinbase Financial Markets Inc., we look forward with eager anticipation at what lies ahead for us and for you—our valuable consumers.

We’re committed more than ever before towards making your journey through the world of cryptocurrency as seamless and rewarding as possible—and this is just another step towards achieving that aim.