A press release from GoMining announces the launch of their new North NFT Collection. The collection is inspired by the company's data centers located in northern regions and showcases images reflecting the principles behind GoMining's bitcoin mining approach. The NFTs offer daily bitcoin rewards to holders and are issued on the Binance Smart Chain for easy integration and accessibility. The collection includes a range of computing power options to accommodate different mining requirements. GoMining is committed to innovation in the cryptocurrency and NFT space and plans to release updated versions of its NFTs in the future.

Unveiling GoMining’s Groundbreaking North NFT Collection: Revolutionizing Bitcoin Mining and NFT Collections on Binance Smart Chain

GoMining, a pioneering force in the realm of bitcoin mining since 2017, is once again demonstrating its commitment to innovation. The company has recently unveiled its latest offering – the North NFT Collection. Drawing on the company’s vast experience and leveraging the power of crypto art, this collection is set to revolutionize not just the world of bitcoin mining, but also that of NFT collections.

An Exciting Continuation

The North NFT Collection follows on from GoMining’s highly successful East NFT Collection. However, this new collection takes its inspiration from a trio of unique sources: the crucial role played by low temperatures in mining operations; the resilience and restraint characteristic of northern regions; and finally, the driving force behind GoMining’s endeavors.

These elements have been seamlessly woven into captivating images that form part of the collection, each piece reflecting GoMining’s innovative approach to bitcoin mining in a visually stunning manner.

Harnessing Binance Smart Chain

GoMining continues to push boundaries by issuing its new series on Binance Smart Chain. By utilizing the BEP-20 standard, these NFTs offer seamless integration and accessibility. Furthermore, with an energy efficiency rating of 35 W/TH, these tokens promise one of the fastest payback periods for holders.

NFT Series Energy Efficiency Rating (W/TH) Payback Period
East NFT Collection 40 Long
North NFT Collection 35 Quick

A Range to Suit Everyone

The North NFT Collection offers a diverse range of computing power options for different mining preferences – from 1 TH/s up to a whopping 128 TH/s. This ensures that both newcomers to bitcoin mining and seasoned veterans can find something that suits their needs perfectly.

The Future is Bright

In addition to all these features, GoMining remains dedicated to continually improving their offerings. This commitment was clearly demonstrated when they partnered with MMA star Khabib Nurmagomedov for a renowned collaboration. This blend of visually stunning designs with real equipment-generated computing power resulted in continuous rewards for owners – a trend set to continue with future collections.

In conclusion, it’s clear that GoMining is not only leading the way in bitcoin mining but also setting new standards in terms of innovation within both cryptocurrency and NFT spaces. With their latest North NFT Collection release, they have once again proved their dedication towards providing users with an effortless service while keeping things interesting with unique crypto art collections.