Crypto Finance, a pioneer in digital assets, has announced a strategic partnership with Figment, a leading provider of staking infrastructure. This partnership will expand Crypto Finance's protocol staking offering, allowing their clients to stake ETH, Cardano, Polkadot, and Solana. Staking ETH provides an opportunity for token holders to earn rewards, and this solution ensures the highest level of security for staked assets. The partnership also offers competitive pricing and the assurance that Crypto Finance will remain the custodian of the assets throughout the staking process. Both companies are focused on providing leading solutions in the digital asset space.

Crypto Finance and Figment Partner to Revolutionize Institutional Staking: Expanding Opportunities with ETH Staking

Crypto Finance, a renowned digital asset pioneer since 2017, has announced a strategic partnership with Figment – a leading provider of staking infrastructure. This collaboration is set to expand Crypto Finance’s protocol staking offering, combining the company’s integrated platform with Figment’s comprehensive staking architecture.

Enhanced Staking Options

With this integration, institutional clients of Crypto Finance now have the opportunity to stake Ethereum (ETH), in addition to Cardano, Polkadot, and Solana. ETH staking offers token holders a unique chance to earn rewards. In fact, these rewards – further boosted by Miner Extractable Value (MEV) – are directly deposited into clients’ segregated wallets at Crypto Finance. This ensures top-tier security for staked assets throughout the entire process.

Figment’s SOC2 certified ETH architecture and “Safety over Liveness” approach further minimizes slashing risk. This means that by utilizing the staking service of FINMA-regulated Crypto Finance, institutional clients can protect their investments from inflation while earning rewards for active participation in blockchain network proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms.

Competitive Pricing and Security

Crypto Finance remains as custodian of assets throughout the whole staking lifecycle. This ensures security and control of assets while providing arguably the most competitive pricing approach offered by a regulated provider in the Swiss market.

“The partnership allows Crypto Finance to enhance its protocol staking offering by leveraging Figment’s leading staking infrastructure.” – Jan Brzezek, Founder and CEO of Crypto Finance

Eva Lawrence, Head of EMEA at Figment also expressed her excitement about this collaboration:

“We are happy to announce our partnership with Deutsche Börse backed Crypto Finance as their only third party staking provider.”

Availability and Impact

The integration is currently live and available to all clients of both companies. As an industry leader with over $3B in total assets staked, Figment is recognized as Ethereum’s largest non-custodial staking provider with nearly 5% of all ETH stakes on its validators.

Figment provides comprehensive staking solutions for over 250 institutional clients including asset managers, exchanges, wallets, foundations, custodians and large token holders who rely on its rapid API development, partner integrations and slashing protection services.

About Crypto Finance Group

Crypto Finance Group is part of Deutsche Börse Group offering professional digital asset solutions. It comprises two prudently FINMA-supervised financial institutions providing 24/7 brokerage services along with custody, infrastructure and tokenisation solutions for financial institutions.

Crypto Finance cautions potential investors about high-risk nature associated with investments in crypto assets which might result in total loss. The company encourages individuals not to invest unless they fully understand and can bear these risks.