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Volante Technologies: Reigns Supreme in Wholesale Banking Payments, Sets Unprecedented Industry Record

In the world of wholesale banking payments, there’s a single name that has consistently emerged at the pinnacle – Volante Technologies. For the third consecutive year, this cloud-native payments provider has secured the top position in IBS Intelligence’s Wholesale Payments Sales League Table, an achievement that sets an unprecedented industry record.

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Dominating The Market

In 2022 alone, Volante signed the highest number of new deals and captured a whopping 43% of the entire wholesale banking payments market. This performance easily surpassed the combined sales of the next two ranking vendors and represented an impressive 43% of all new provider sales in 2022.

These numbers aren’t just flukes; they’re a testament to Volante’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Over a three-year period, Volante secured 40% market share for new deals, accounting for 59 out of a total of 149 wholesale payments sales.

This dominance is even more significant when you consider that the closest competitor achieved only a 27% market share. The remainder was divided among multiple third-tier providers.

Consistent Excellence: The IBS Intelligence Sales League Leadership Club

For four consecutive years, Volante has maintained its presence in the IBS Intelligence Sales League Leadership Club—an exclusive group reserved for the most highly ranked providers.

IBS Intelligence, which performed this independent analysis, has been tracking banking system selections for over twenty years. Their comprehensive benchmark—known as the IBSi SLT—serves as a reliable reference for banks evaluating supplier performance worldwide.

Nikhil Gokhale, Head of Research Platforms at IBS Intelligence said:

“I congratulate Volante for their leading position in the Wholesale Payment Systems category of SLT 2023. They have been #1 in this category for three years in a row.”

Gokhale further commended Volante’s comprehensive cloud payments platform which caters to diverse needs while enabling financial institutions and payment service providers to streamline their entire payment lifecycle efficiently.

A Word From The CEO

Vijay Oddiraju, CEO of Volante Technologies expressed his gratitude towards IBSi team saying:

“I thank the IBSi team for awarding Volante first place in the esteemed IBS Intelligence Sales League global rankings for wholesale payments three years in a row.”

Oddiraju reiterated how this recognition positions their customers at the forefront of their industry and empowers them to maximize value for their own clients.

Conclusion: Leading With Innovation

Volante Technologies continues to be trusted as a cloud payments modernization partner by financial businesses worldwide. Their commitment to innovation gives these businesses freedom to evolve and innovate at record speed—a factor that sets them apart from competitors and secures them as leaders within this fast-paced industry.

As we look forward to another year filled with technological advancements and digital transformations, one thing remains clear: Volante Technologies is here to stay at the top.