A leading Web3 technology company, OKX, has announced that its multi-chain wallet now allows users to stake Bitcoin and BRC-20 tokens. This capability is made possible by the implementation of OKX's open-source BRC20-S protocol, which enables users to earn BRC20-S tokens through the OKX Web3 DeFi aggregator. The wallet also supports BRC-20 token and Bitcoin NFT trading, as well as the viewing and transfer of Bitcoin Ordinals. OKX Chief Innovation Officer Jason Lau stated that they are constantly listening to feedback and will be launching additional features later this month.

OKX Wallet Unveils Groundbreaking Staking Feature for Bitcoin and BRC-20 Tokens: Introducing the BRC20-S Protocol and Web3 DeFi Aggregator

OKX, a trailblazer in the world of Web3 technology, has once again broken new ground with its latest product update. The company’s multi-chain wallet now offers users the ability to stake both Bitcoin (BTC) and BRC-20 tokens, a first in the industry. This revolutionary feature is powered by the open-source BRC20-S protocol, offering web users an opportunity to earn BRC20-S tokens.

A New Era of Staking

This latest feature complements an existing array of Web3 Earn products available on OKX Wallet. The introduction of a marketplace for selling BRC20-S tokens is also on the horizon, set to further enhance user interaction with OKX’s Web3 DeFi aggregator.

In addition, the BRC20-S protocol is developer-friendly. It allows DeFi developers and projects to establish staking pools on OKX Wallet. This functionality enables distribution of BRC20-S tokens to Bitcoin or BRC-20 token holders, aiding in user engagement and community building efforts.

OKX Chief Innovation Officer Jason Lau revealed his excitement over this development:

“OKX Wallet is the first multi-chain wallet that enables staking for Bitcoin and BRC-20 tokens. We have heard from our users that they want more opportunities to participate in the ecosystem. We are thrilled to deliver exactly that.”

Jason also mentioned that additional features are due to be launched later this month.

An Enhanced Trading Experience

But it doesn’t stop there! OKX Wallet has also become the first multi-chain wallet to support trading of BRC-20 token and Bitcoin NFTs with its Ordinals Market launch. Furthermore, it enables viewing and transferring of Bitcoin Ordinals.

Both these services – OKX Web3 Wallet and OKX NFT Marketplace – adhere strictly to separate terms of service at www.okx.com.


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As we look ahead into this brave new world of crypto trading, one thing is clear: With its innovative approach and commitment towards user-centricity, OKX continues to redefine what is possible within the realm of crypto wallets.

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