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SubQuery and Sei Network Join Forces: Unleashing Lightning-Fast On-Chain Data Access for Traders

In an exhilarating development that promises to send ripples through the blockchain and trading communities, SubQuery, a leading data indexing platform, has heralded the commencement of a strategic alliance with Sei Network. The latter is an open-source Layer 1 blockchain renowned for its specialization in trading.

The collaboration between these two giants of the industry is set to revolutionize the way developers access on-chain data. It offers lightning-fast access to critical trade information, a feature that will undoubtedly enhance the trading experience.

Sei Labs Aims To Enhance Trading Experience

Sei Network’s reputation precedes it. It’s an open-source Layer 1 blockchain that optimizes every layer of the stack, providing a robust infrastructure for all types of trading applications.

This collaboration with SubQuery represents a new era of opportunities for developers. It enables them to tap into Sei Network’s valuable on-chain data. With Sei Network’s industry-leading performance of processing 20,000 orders per second, rapid access to on-chain data becomes paramount.

SubQuery comes into play here. Known for its speedy and flexible data indexing tool, it allows developers to index data and access trade information in record time. Developers in Sei Network will benefit from SubQuery’s excellent developer experience and fast & feature-rich indexer – features that support the rapid transaction times provided by Sei.

Data indexing is no small feat; it’s a process that organizes data in a way that makes it quickly retrievable, making it indispensable in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

SubQuery Builds PoC Project To Index ETH-USD Exchange Rates

In another significant stride towards enhancing blockchain data accessibility, SubQuery has developed a proof-of-concept project as part of its integration with Sei Network. This initiative serves as tangible proof of SubQuery’s ability to swiftly index real-world on-chain data for production applications.

One key advantage of data indexing in crypto trading is real-time access to trade information. By providing fast access to on-chain data, developers can create algorithms that react swiftly to market changes – executing trades at lightning speed and potentially reaping significant profits.

Though we are early in this journey of integrating these two platforms, this partnership holds promise for both developers and traders alike. The future looks bright as we continue our journey towards making blockchain more accessible and efficient than ever before.