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Unleashing the Best Binance Alternatives in Canada: Discover the Future of Cryptocurrency Trading with BYDFi, CoinSmart, Newton, and Bitbuy

Cryptocurrency trading is becoming increasingly popular in Canada, and with this rise comes a need for reliable, user-friendly platforms that offer a wide range of digital assets. While Binance has long been a staple of the industry, numerous Canadian exchanges offer comparable features and even some unique perks. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best Binance alternatives in Canada.

The 5 Best Binance Alternatives in Canada

From robust security measures to competitive fees and liquidity, let’s delve into the top five trading platforms that stand out as the best alternatives to Binance in Canada.


BYDFi is a rising star among cryptocurrency platforms. Established in 2020, it quickly gained popularity for its commitment to providing a comprehensive platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. What sets BYDFi apart from other exchanges is its support for the Canadian Dollar (CAD), allowing users to transact seamlessly in their local currency.

Beyond these basics, BYDFi offers advanced features designed to cater to traders of all levels. Users can practice their strategies with demo trading, engage in perpetual trading, participate in copy trading, or leverage their trades. With over 600 trading pairs and support for over 100 currencies, BYDFi truly empowers traders to explore various opportunities within one platform.


Next on our list is CoinSmart – specifically designed to cater both beginners and experts alike. This platform stands out with its unique feature that allows users to seamlessly exchange one cryptocurrency for another within the platform itself. Add to this their low trading fees of just 0.20%, it’s no wonder CoinSmart has become an attractive choice for cost-conscious traders.


Newton offers its users access to a vast selection of coins – making it an ideal alternative for those who want variety in their portfolio. However, keep an eye out as Newton’s trading fees can reach up to 2%. But don’t let this deter you – they also offer a $25 bonus when you open a new account and trade $100 worth of crypto!


Bitbuy is another fantastic alternative that caters both basic and advanced trading needs. It offers deep liquidity – ensuring users get their desired cryptocurrencies at the best possible prices. You can fund your account via Interac e-Transfer or bank wire which provides flexibility for depositing Canadian dollars into your account.


Finally, we have Coinbase – offering access to over 100 coins! Coinbase provides users with a comprehensive platform suitable for both novice traders looking to get started with investing or seasoned veterans seeking more advanced features.

Best Binance Alternatives: Final Thoughts

When it comes down choosing the best Binance alternatives in Canada, each platform has unique strengths catering towards different trader preferences and needs. Our top pick goes out to BYDFi due its comprehensive interface and wide range of options catering towards all levels of expertise.

However remember that choosing an alternative depends on your personal preferences and goals as well as desired features. We encourage you all take these factors into consideration when deciding which platform suits your specific requirements best.