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Blockchain News Roundup: Lazarus Group’s Latest Crypto Heist, Binance’s VASP License Troubles, Celsius Reviews Bankruptcy Strategy, and SEC’s Contract on Crypto Asset Control

The Lazarus Group of North Korea has allegedly swindled above $100M in crypto. The notorious state-backed cybercriminal group has severally been accused of huge crypto heists in the past. The current incident adds one more instance to the list of prominent cyber-attacks carried out by the organization.

Elliptic is of the view that Lazarus Group is involved in the recent BTC theft of Atomic Wallet. Following that, some analogous attacks targeted Horizon Bridge and resulted in a theft of $100M last year.

On its official Twitter channel, Polygon disclosed that the project would likely provide elevated brand loyalty via gamification. The company thinks that the project would revolutionize brand loyalty endeavours by involving the community and the fundamental NFT technology. By integrating Web3 and NFT technologies into the projects related to brand loyalty, the firm attempts to enhance brand marketing.

The famous bankrupt crypto lending firm Celsius has filed a reviewed bankruptcy strategy.

Binance, the top crypto exchange, has declared to quit the Netherlands. This difficult decision has been taken by the platform amid a troublesome situation being faced by it. The US SEC has sued it due to its failure in getting a VASP license from the regional regulators. While expressing regret for the unfortunate decision, Binance announced that no deposits, trades, or purchases will be allowed by it. This event is witnessed after the submission of a lawsuit against Binance by the SEC that claims that the company has allegedly offered unregistered securities.

The purpose of this respective initiative is to link infrastructure provided by both private sector and central banks. With this mutual combination, they endeavour to use an extensive as well as universal API layer to enable unparalleled CBDC payments.

A provisional contract has recently been reached by Binance, the US SEC, and Binance.US. Apart from that, the crypto exchange also needs to reveal comprehensive information dealing with its business costs in the upcoming weeks. The proposed accord comes as a response to SEC’s motion in which the regulator says that Binance.US’ complete assets should be halted.

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