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Blockchain Weekly Review: Ankr’s Partnership with Mirage Redefines Web3 Gaming while Gulf Binance Obtains Regulatory Authorization in Thailand

Ankr Partners with Mirage for Redefining the Web3 Gaming’s Future

Ankr, a well-known entity responsible for providing Web3-related infrastructure, recently declared a strategic collaboration with a prominent Web3 gaming entity named Mirage. With this partnership, Mirage will get a groundbreaking technological arsenal provided by Ankr, taking into account blockchain-based API and RPC connections.

Josh Neuroth, the Head of Product at Ankr said:

“The respective partnership will explore the shared vision of both the companies. Moreover, the gaming SDK of Ankr offers the transformative capability to Mirage for the integration of Web3-related functionalities.”

The marketplace for Ordinals has been structured to let consumers access real-time data to actively take part in the present token sales. Apart from that, the company also enables customers to buy digital coins that have accomplished sales.

ACH Announces Conclusive List of Members for Upcoming Pilot CBDC Project

The start of inclusion of the participants in the respective project is scheduled to start by June’s mid. The conclusive list of members for the upcoming pilot CBDC project was released on May 24th.

Gulf Binance Project of Crypto Exchange

Binance, the famous crypto exchange, has announced that Thailand’s regulatory authority has provided it with a license for its joint venture called Gulf Binance. The project comprises a platform developed by a collaboration between Binance and Thailand-based entity Gulf.

The latest platform is anticipated to be launched in Thailand’s jurisdiction in 2023’s last quarter. This development showcases growth not only for Binance but also adds value to Thailand’s growing crypto market.

In conclusion, this week’s Blockchain Weekly Crypto News Review highlights some significant developments in the crypto industry. Ankr’s partnership with Mirage aims to redefine the future of Web3 gaming, while Binance’s regulatory authorization in Thailand for its joint venture, Gulf Binance, showcases the global reach and impact of cryptocurrencies. As the world continues to adopt blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, these updates serve as positive indicators for the future growth of this burgeoning market.

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