Blockchain’s Rising Stars: How Uwerx’s Presale Is Keeping Up with Cardano and Conflux in the Crypto Market Recovery

As the crypto market recovers from the devastating 2022 crypto winter, several cryptocurrencies are showing signs of promising growth. Among these digital assets, Cardano (ADA) and Conflux (CFX) have already gained considerable attention from investors and experts alike. However, there’s another emerging player in the field – Uwerx. In its presale stage four, Uwerx is displaying immense potential to keep up with Cardano and Conflux, garnering global interest from investors.

Conflux (CFX): Breaking Financial Barriers, Particularly In Asia

Conflux has been making headlines lately for its ambitious plans to expand in the Asian market. In Q1 2023, the project announced its intention to deploy Uniswap V3 on its ecosystem. This move will open up decentralized exchange (DEX) access to millions of users in China and other Asian countries.

Moreover, Conflux recently partnered with WooX Futures to allow users to trade tokens at no cost. These developments have led experts to predict a bright future for this crypto project.

Conflux Token Statistics:

Parameter Value
Current price $0.29
24-hour trading volume $172,440,326
Percentage increase in trading volume 190.56%

According to multiple price prediction websites, Conflux is expected to close 2023 at $0.41 – a whopping 41% increase from its current value.

Cardano’s Voltaire Upgrade Sparks Interest

Cardano’s recent announcement of the Voltaire upgrade has further fueled discussions around this network’s potential growth.

Cardano Token Statistics:

Parameter Value
Current price $0.37
24-hour trading volume $169,276,308
Percentage increase in trading volume 43.47%

Experts anticipate that Cardano could see a significant surge in the coming weeks as its network enhances cross-chain capabilities for DeFi applications built on the blockchain.

Uwerx: A Promising Contender

Uwerx aims to create a transparent and fair marketplace for freelancers and clients with minimal transaction fees of just 1%. The project is currently in its fourth presale stage, offering a 20% bonus for purchases. Over 5,000 investors have already signed up.

The Uwerx presale exceeded expectations during stage one, with over 3,500 sign-ups and over 70 million tokens sold. This success led the team to optimize token allocations:

  • Presale allocation increased to 57% of total token supply (427.5 million out of 750 million)
  • Streamlined presale stages
  • Increased stage four allocation to 77.5 million tokens
  • Added stage five with 72.5 million tokens

In just four weeks, the Uwerx presale price skyrocketed from $0.005/WERX to $0.0225/WERX – a staggering 350% profit for early adopters.

The team has also hinted at an upcoming price increase and bonus decrease as Uwerx progresses towards its launch price range of $0.095–$0.115.

Furthermore, the Test Airdrop will allow investors to verify their receiving wallet addresses’ accuracy.

These statistics demonstrate that Uwerx has what it takes to keep up with Cardano and Conflux in terms of growth potential throughout 2023.


With promising developments from Conflux’s expansion into Asia, Cardano’s Voltaire upgrade, and Uwerx’s impressive presale performance, these three cryptocurrencies are well-positioned for success in 2023. The crypto market’s recovery offers a window of opportunity for investors to capitalize on these rising stars and reap significant returns.



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